As you play rock guitar and progress you will eventually need to get some guitar pedals.  If you bought an amp with built in distortion this will keep you going for a while.  This is okay when you are playing with the one sound only.  But you will find that you will want to change sound to a non distorted clean sound for some songs.   Having to press the built in button on the amp to turn off the distortion to change your sound while playing will be awkward.
Distortion Overdrive Pedal
This is where floor pedals come in.   Your first effect pedal will probably be an overdrive or distortion pedal, absolutely essential for playing rock guitar.  You can switch between effect on and off with your foot.

Later you can look at getting one of the more commonly used pedals as well.  A chorus, delay, flanger or reverb pedal.  Pedals generally cost about $100 each.  You can get specific brands and makes which are more tailored to a music genre sound such as rock or metal.

Also you can get multi-effect pedals.  These contain electronic digital processors which mimic the sound of all the pedals together in one box.  They have patches which you use to select which pedals and settings you are using to make an overall sound.  They cost from around $200 up depending on whether they are for home use or professional gigging.  The cheaper ones are good enough.  But try and get one with two to three pedal switches rather than just one switch.  Makes it easier to switch between different sound patches  such as a rhythm, lead or clean sound with one click rather than having to press many times with one pedal to toggle to another sound patch.

If using multi-effect unit, do mess around with and adjust the settings in the patches to learn what each pedal does and how the sound is made up.

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