Guitar 2 Humbuckers 1 Single coil
So if you have decided to Play Rock Guitar, then you will need to pick the right guitar.  Generally for rock you would pick an electric so that you can get the right range of sound for rock.  Especially for the distorted sound, you can't really get that from an acoustic.

I would recommend for a beginner spending what you can afford within a budget of $300 to $600.  Any cheaper than $300 and the guitar will not be of good quality to last and may not even stay in tune.  Over $600 is too much of an investment if you decide not to continue playing or you find you don't like the particular guitar you have bought.

Hardware wise, get a guitar with two pickups at least.  One at the bridge an done at the neck.  A guitar with one pickup is not enough, you will be limited in sound, three pickups is nice to have but you may not need or actually use the middle pickup.

If you can get a guitar with a humbucker pickup this will help you get a beefed up sound for rock.  With a single coil pickup you can always use amp and pedal settings to get a good sound also so don't worry if it is a single coil.

You don't really need a tremelo unit or whammy bar at this stage.  You will need to be playing quite a while before you can use it.  If you do get a guitar with a bar, get it fixed in place while you begin to play.

Check on line for the best price but also go to your local guitar store to try out guitars and to haggle for a best price too.

As for the brand, if you have heard of the brand it is of good quality.  Like Fender, Gibson, Squier, Epiphone, Jackson or Ibanez.  Research the guitar on the net before you actually buy it.

So you love rock music.  Playing an instrument enhances your enjoyment of music.  After playing music you listen to it with new ears.  You hear how it is put together, how the music is made up.  You hear notes and beats you never heard before.

So if you decide to play an instrument, pick the one that you dream of playing.  The Guitar or bass or drums or maybe even the keyboards.  Pick it for you alone, learning to play takes time and is difficult.  You should only do it for you alone.

So look a your dreams and wishes and pick your instrument.
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