At some stage you will want to get a Guitar Amp to play rock guitar.  You can play an electric guitar acoustically but you will want to get a dirty distorted rock sound of your guitar at some stage.
Guitar Amplifier
For starting playing guitar you only need a practise amp which you can pick up for around $100.  A lower power amp is okay, somewhere between 15 watts and 30 watts.  10 wats can be a bit low and quiet when you want to push it up and over 30 watts will be too loud for your bedroom or house.  Some people even use 30 watt amps for gigging.

The brand of the amp is not too important, if you can try it out in a shop and check the sound is okay then that is great.  I would be fussier about the guitar than the amp at the start.  But at least check out some reviews of the amp brand to ensure they are reasonable quality.

Go for an electronic amp at the start rather a tube amp, will be cheaper and more robust.  If it has a built in overdrive or distortion (or reverb) this will save you a few quid.  You will not need to get pedals right away as the built in effect will give you a good sound to practise.

Also spend at least $20 or more on your guitar lead or cable.  Get a good quality thick one.  Don't get a really long one, 2 or 3 meters long will do.  Longer ones (5 0r 10 meters) cause more signal loss and noise.  Cheaper ones don't last and can cause unwanted noise especially before they begin to fail.   Not all noise in rock is good.

Powering up with an amp will open up a whole new world for your rock guitar playing.

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