We have covered the guitar, amp, cables and pedals.  We will now cover other things you may need to play rock guitar.

- Guitar Strings.
String set your sound and how easy it is to play.  As a beginner use lighter gauge strings, 8's or 9's as these are easier to play.  The gauge is set by the width or size of the first e string.  Easier to press down and bend.  Also they give brighter sound.  Try heavier gauges such as 10's and 12's once you are playing a while to see if you like them.  They are harder to play (and harder to break) and give a heavier, darker, bassier sound while you might prefer.  Also try different materials and alloys.  I have liked Gibson Brite Lites myself.  I like the feel and the sound of them.
Guitar Strings
- Guitar Picks.
Plectrums or picks also come in different sizes or widths and materials.  You can get any size from 0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.7mm so on up to 1mm and 1.2mm.  I would recommend buying a range of picks as they are cheap to see which one you like. 
They also come in hard or soft material, from plastic or nylon to metal.  The material will give a different sound depending on the string attack (how you hit the string).  Most people use plastic or nylon plecks although some lead guitarists use the metal picks.
I use 0.6mm Dunlop Nylon picks.  Sometimes you might prefer as few different types depending of what guitar and style of playing you are at.

- Guitar Strap
You can get any strap you like as long as it is comfortable.  Make it is wide enough that it will not cut into your shoulder.  Softer material is also more comfortable but a wide leather strap can be okay too.

- Guitar Case
Get a guitar case if you are going to take your guitar outside.  If you are going to carry if it a soft case is okay.  A soft case can cost from $25 up.  If you are transporting it on a plane or vehicle a hard case is really required to stop the guitar getting damaged.  These are more expensive and should fit the shape of your guitar.

- Guitar Stand
I would recommend you get at least a cheap guitar stand for storing your guitar at home.  You can get one for $25 which is a lot cheaper than having to buy a new guitar if it is damaged by falling.  Also store it in a dry cool place, not beside a hot radiator.

That concludes the main items and accessories you may have to buy for your guitar. 

5/11/2011 14:49:43

I'm surprised that when I bought my gibson SG special new I was only sent a softcase.

9/17/2011 01:09:08

thanks for your comment. Hardcase do cost quite a bit of money. You need to check if you are getting one with the guitar. Unless the guitar is worth 1000's usually you get a soft case if any.

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7/11/2012 06:45:58

Nice one info, thx

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Many thanks,
for the remark. Hardcase perform price a substantial amount of cash. You have to examine if you're obtaining 1 using the acoustic guitar. Unless of course your guitar may be worth hundreds generally you receive the gentle situation in the event that any kind of.

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Thank you,
for that comment. Hardcase carry out cost a lot of money. You need to look at if you are acquiring 1 while using electric guitar. Except if your own acoustic guitar will probably be worth 100s usually you obtain the actual mild scenario when any type of.

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